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The 46th National Conference of Shin-Eiken
(New English Teachers' Association)
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9:00 ~ 10:45

Workshops & Thematic Special Interest Group Sessions



(1) Elementary School English

‘Preparation for Serious English Lessons: Getting the Alphabet Down’. Ogata Tomoko, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science Most English teachers have had the experience that students well prepared in the alphabet succeed in making the transition to pronouncing English words more quickly. This is a result of alphabet work in which students unconsciously absorb basic pronunciation of letters, variations, and combinations of letters into syllables. Ogata Tomoko will speak about a systematic instructional program designed for elementary schools in Nagasaki, called ‘Getting the Alphabet Down.’

(2) Junior High School English

‘Let Every Student Have a Chance to Shine Out’ Hibi Kazuko, Junior High School Teacher, Kanagawa Students entering junior high school are difficult to group according to English experience and character development. In this environment teachers need to increase their skills and techniques to let individual students have a chance to shine out, within the framework of the English lesson, and at the same time the lesson must benefit all the students. This workshop will allow the participants to experience a variety of activities with the aim of valuing the individual.

(3) High School English

‘The 4 “R’s” and High School English I lesson development’ Hagiwara Ichiro, High School, Kanagawa The incorporation of the 4 ‘R’s’ of reading, writing, listening and responding (speaking) into English I lessons requires quite a balancing act. This workshop allows participants to experience the planning stages of English I lessons in which the 4 ‘R’s’ are fully used. The workshop will cover issues such as home instruction, lessons and relating lesson work to mid-term and final tests.

(4) Songs in the English Lesson

Yonemushi Ken’ichi, high school, Saitama English songs are frequently featured in original and textbook lessons. But do the students really get the message? There is more to a song than sweet sounds and poetic lyrics. This workshop will suggest ways to get more out of lessons which make use of songs, and provide ways to help students get more out of songs when they are used.

(5) Making use of Cooperative Learning Situations A beginner’s workshop

Fushino Kumiko, Rikkyo University Cooperative Learning sessions are used for the obvious benefits for students of mutual encouragement and shared success. However many teachers are faced with creating cooperative learning lessons without guidance on the effective use of this format. This workshop will suggest ways to incorporate cooperative learning into English lessons, and guide participants through a mock planning and lesson session.

Thematic Special Interest Group Sessions

(1) The Tokyo Air Raid: A Survivor’s Testimony

Motoki Sachiko, survivor of the attack, will talk about her experiences in the Great Tokyo Air Raid, which resulted in the deaths of 100,000 people. The bombers targeted the flammable roofs of civilian dwellings, which should have constituted a war crime. Ms. Motoki will talk about how survivors and other citizens formed the Tokyo Air Raid and War Damage Center. Ahara Shigemitsu, advisor to the Center, will talk about a 21st century without atomic weapons; and the World Peace for Children statue.

(2) Global Citizens Seminar --- Japan & the Philippines

Matsui Kathy of Seisen University and Jin Naoko, representative of Bridge for Peace, will talk about the concept of Global Citizenship and the Bridge for Peace, and the process of overcoming conflict and difference and working for peace.

(3) Shine the Light of Article 9 upon the Whole World!

Nara Katsuyuki of Shiraume Gakuen University and Nagata Suwako, a junior high school teacher from Hyogo, will talk about the importance of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, and conveying it to the world; this will lead to peace studies in the classroom, the song ‘Negai’, and building schools in Kenya.

(4) Ecology and culture - Everyone, Let’s Be a Namakemono (Sloth)!

Baba Naoko, President of the NGO Namakemono Club, will present “Slow Lifestyles and Candle Nights.” How can these citizens’ movements change how we think about the ecology and our society? Baba Naoko, president of the Sloth Club NGO, will talk about the group’s activities and how their work links to English classes about the ecology, cultural change and world peace.

(5) English Classes in Korea

Korean English Teachers Group ・ KETG has been conducting fruitful exchanges with Shin-Eiken for the past 9 years. This presentation led by Hong Wan Ki, a high school teacher in Seoul, will present KETG and introduce the issues and activities they are involved with, many of which are similar to the challenges faced by Shin-Eiken, including elementary school English education and the government policy of English classes to be conducted in English.
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