In commemoration of 50th anniversary of its founding ――
The 46th National Conference of Shin-Eiken
(New English Teachers' Association)
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12:00 to 13:20

Tokyo Bazaar


Bazaar of Ideas and Dreams: Presentation and sales of original teaching materials

Shin-Eiken is packed with member teachers who come up with wonderful original ideas for lessons, which are also practical and well tested for usefulness and applicability to classrooms in Japan. Many Shin-Eiken teachers have made teaching materials to supplement published or authorized texts. Their inspiration comes from many sources and educational theories.

Here you will find the print collections, short presentations of games and listening materials, and in-school student newsletters and feedback, presented for sale by their original producers, all in one hall of ideas and dreams. This is your chance to view and purchase some of the most original, accessible and inspiring teaching materials around. You won’t find them in bookstores!
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