In commemoration of 50th anniversary of its founding ――
The 46th National Conference of Shin-Eiken
(New English Teachers' Association)
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Shin-Eiken Koza


Shin-Eiken Koza:New English Teachers Association Level Focus Seminar

The ten simultaneous sessions of this seminar are intended to inform participants of the many wonderful and exciting practical applications in English education conducted by Shin-Eiken teachers. Each session focuses on a school level, a grade level or period, or textbook level of difficulty.
  1. Session IA: the Beginning Period of Junior High School
    Araki Yoshie, Tokyo: 'I was just having fun, but I got something done too!"
  2. Session IB: the Beginning Period of Junior High School
    Fukuda Kaori, Shiga: '"Regular" lessons with a happy twist'
  3. Session IIA: Junior high second and third years
    Narita Shigeki, Aomori: 'All the way to Interviews step by step-it all starts with easy memorization skills!'
  4. Session IIB Junior High second and third years
    Yoo Sunchi, Osaka: 'Kids connect, kids make connections: Focus on lesson design'
  5. Session III: High School with easy authorized textbooks
    Yoshiura Junji, Osaka: 'Movies, music and plays: creating positive involvement and using digital materials'
  6. Session IV A: High school with challenging authorized textbooks
    Nakamura Tatsuhiko, Oita: 'The college prep high school: emotional resonance in the classroom'
  7. Session IV B: High school with challenging authorized textbooks
    Shimazaki Tsuguo, Tokyo: 'Full use of Unicorn I: the authorized textbook as stimulus for self expression in speeches, songs and letters'
  8. Special session IA: English Classes for Elementary School
    Kitano Kyoko, Shizuoka: 'English the code: breathing life into the code and turning it into the children's own words'
  9. Special session IB: English Classes for Elementary School
    Sakamoto Hitomi, Tokyo (Toyo Gakuen University): 'Elementary School English as it should be: planting the seeds'
  10. Special session II English at the University level
    Nishino Takako, Tokyo (Kanda University of International Studies): 'Experiments in reading class: application of oral introduction, multiple reading, Japanese previews'
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