In commemoration of 50th anniversary of its founding ――
The 46th National Conference of Shin-Eiken
(New English Teachers' Association)
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Shin-Eiken 50th Anniversary Symposium


Shin-Eiken 50th Anniversary Symposium

 English Education in Japan: Beginnings and the Story for the Future
On the occasion of the introduction of Elementary School English Activity Programs
Prof. ERIKAWA Haruo Prof. Kathy R. Matsui  

In this symposium four panelists given below will speak about the origin and future of foreign language education in Japan from their unique viewpoints.

  • Erikawa Haruo, professor of Wakayama University, a specialist in English education
  • Kathy R. Matsui, professor and department chair of Global Citizenship Studies at Seisen University
  • Shibata Yoshimatsu, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo , and a researcher of Semenovich Vygotsky, founder of cultural-historical pedagogy
  • Takiguchi Masaru, professor of Shiraume Junior College, and Shin-Eiken member
Prof. SHIBATA Yoshmatsu Prof. TAKIGUCHI Masaru
From unavoidable circumstances, the proposed symposiast, professor Kip Cates at Torrori University, has been replaced by professor Kathy R. Matsui at Seisen University.
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