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The 6th Shin-Eiken Online International Forum for Peace

Hosted by New English Teachers Association (Shin-Eiken)
-Let Us Connect for Peace through English Education-

Saturday, November 19th, 2022 (JST:7:00pm~9:00pm)

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Title : A Dragon and Roses
  -Memorizing the Bikini Hydrogen Bomb Test Disaster-

Presenter: Ms. Takako KASUYA (Japan)
Outline: By talking about a picture book titled A Prayer of Roses, she's going to show three facts.
  1. 1) Disaster caused by the Bikini Hydrogen Bomb Test conducted by USA in 1954, especially about a tuna fishing boat Lucky Dragon #5 and the late Kuboyama Aikichi and his family
  2. 2) Many people on the globe have been working hard to create a nuke-free world.
  3. 3) How "Roses of Aikichi and Suzu" have become a symbol of peace.
  4. 4) Examples of how to use the picture book A Prayer of Roses in class.
Hydrogen Bomb Test on March 1st   Damaged Japanese Fishing Boat    Picture Book A Prayer of Roses

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